Live Quinoa demonstration to debut Whole Foods Peruvian section

Peruvian chef and cookbook author Morena Cuadra, gave a live quinoa demonstration via satellite at Whole Foods to debut their newest Peruvian food section. This space in their 57 St. store in Midtown East features amazing Peruvian ingredients like avocados, asparagus, quinoa and chocolate giving you a full Peruvian experience. Around 30 people turned up to support Kitchen Connection who with the help of the Whole Foods staff hosted the cooking demonstration. Amongst the speakers, Conrado Falco, Director of the Trade Commission of Peru was present to talk about Peruvian exports and their popularity within super markets.

Also present, staff from Pro Mujer, a non-profit organization committed to positively impacting the lives of women and their families in Latin America. They provide women with low-interest loans that allow them to start their own businesses, as such empowering themselves. Kitchen Connection will have Peruvian-focused online cooking classes hosted by beneficiaries of Pro Mujer.

Peru increased non-traditional food exports around $175 million in 2016, making it the most successful year to date. With exports worth over $8 billion in food related products a year, Peru is no stranger to the game. In the lead, table grapes shine for the fifth consecutive year in a row with over $700 million, however, blueberries, avocados and clementine are slowly making their way up in the rankings showing a strong increase over the past couple of years.

These foods are now very common at supermarkets. For example, next time you buy asaparagus, quinoa or grapes at your local Whole Foods, they are probably from Peru. At first glance one might only see around 10- 20 Peruvian products immediately visible to the eye at any given supermarket. Upon further investigation and taking a closer look, you might realize there are actually 30-40. If you start looking at products with several ingredients, even products that aren’t Peruvian but might include some Peruvian ingredients, you realize that the number is actually a lot higher and can reach up to 65-75 products in a single store that use some form of Peruvian ingredients in their formula.

More About Kitchen Connection:

Kitchen Connection is an online foodie social network where chefs and food lovers can teach online and interactive cooking classes. The hosts of the classes (connections) can be paid, or choose to donate some or all funds from the class to our partner charity, Action Against Hunger and most recently, Whole Food's Whole Planet Foundation. 

More About the Peruvian Trade Commission in New York:

The Trade Commission of Peru in New York is the commercial office of the Peruvian government in the USA. The primary role is to facilitate introductions and initiatives between Peruvian exporters and American companies in various segments of the market including manufacturing, fashion, food as well as tourism and investments.