Coco Roco in Park Slope
392 Fifth Ave. (6th & 7th St.)
Brooklyn, NY 11215
PH: 718-965-3376


Desnuda Cevicheria interprets a Latin American culinary staple for New York's palate, using traditional & innovative ingredients to lightly cure fresh fish. With careful attention to both wine and food as well as the atmosphere and service, they strive to bring our customers a uniquely enjoyable experience.

o   Executive Chef: Dominic Martinez

o   Address: 122 E 7th St, New York, NY 1000

o   Tasting Dish: Tiradito


La Cevicheria is a Peruvian food stand on the beach specializing in ceviche and offering a fusion cuisine based on quinoa. They are focused on healthy living and spreading Peruvian culture.

o   Executive Chef:  Ximena Yrala  
o   Address: Concession at Beach 97th St/ Rockaway Beach, NY, New York 11693
o   Tasting dish:  Ceviche Mixto


Manka is a modern Peruvian restaurant under the supervision of Chef Boris Torres. His background is versatile, having had experience with New American, French, Italian, Mediterranean and Peruvian cuisines working under chefs like Daniel Boulud, Marcus Samuelsson and Peru's own Gaston Acurio.

o   Executive Chef: Boris Torres

o   Address: 216 Glen St Glen Cove, New York 11542

Tasting dish:  La Gran Manzana: Scallop tiradito with a mandarin leche de tigre and garnished with mandarin zest and apples


Panca was opened with the dream of presenting the wide diversity and fusion of Peruvian food, using the best and most authentic ingredients, in a modern presentation. Peruvian cuisine fuses many different ethnicities, including Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, and African, and is increasingly being recognized as world class. Emmanuel Piqueras, pioneer of Novo Andean cuisine, designed the restaurant’s menu. 

o   Executive Chef: Ezequiel Valencia

o   Address: 92 7th Ave S, New York, NY 10014

o   Tasting Dishes: Cebiche a Mi Manera: Ceviche with leche de Cebiche a Mi Manera: Ceviche with leche de tigre on Limeña causitas Lima with rocoto sauce and sweet potato chips. Classic Tiradito: A fish with yellow chili leche de tigre with sliced avocado, Pisco foam and caramelized sweet potato


Raymi continues to capture the multicultural spirit of Peru, not only in its menu, but by becoming a Peruvian cultural center in New York City. Raymi’s cuisine is a representation of the diversity of Peru’s population. Using the native Spanish, Japanese and Chinese influences reflected in Peru’s cuisine, Chef Erik Ramirez has crafted a menu that is inventive and inspiring.

o   Executive Chef: Erick Ramirez

o   Address: 43 West 24th Street New York, NY 10010

o   Tasting dishes: Charred Octopus Ceviche and Tiradito Aguaymanto (gooseberry)


Runa is a modern stylish restaurant that shows the mysticism of Peru through its food, service and ambience.  RUNA is hip, eclectic, and chic and accommodates every dietary need through the versatility of Peruvian cuisine while focusing on fresh and local organic ingredients whenever possible. RUNA is the first Peruvian Restaurant to serve as the premier Peruvian dining experience in Red Bank, NJ and its surrounding suburbs.

o   Executive Chef: Marita Lynn
o   Address: 110 Monmouth St. Red Bank, NJ 07701
o   Tasting dishes: Artichoke and Shrimp Ceviche & 
 Fluke Tiradito with Crispy Sweet Potato, Leek Dust


Chef Miguel Aguilar brings ceviche to Park Slope.  Trained by Iron Chef Bobby Flay, Chef Miguel developed a passion for the gourmet cuisine of his native Peru. Born in Lima to a family of exceptional cooks – his great grandfather introduced mussels to the Peruvian palate at the end of the 19th century – it is no surprise that Chef Miguel brings the passion, innovation, and artistry of his heritage to his cooking. Complementing fresh ingredients with flavours from around the world, his eclectic yet harmonious cuisine brings a dynamic perspective to classic techniques.

351 5th Ave. between 4 & 5 street
Brooklyn, NY 11215
718 832 8200


Warique provides its loyal customers with the delicious and authentic flavors of Peru. Experience fresh food that will keep you going back for more.

o   Executive Chef: Jose Peña
o   Address: 852 Amsterdam Avenue New York, New York 10025
o   Tasting Dishes: Corvina Ceviche & 
Corvina Tiradito